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Plastic Water Bottles Recycled into Back Packs

Plastic Water Bottles Recycled into Back Packs

December 22, 2007 —

Makers of day packs, lumbar packs and full-size backpacks are starting to take recycling seriously—crafting entire packs out of 100% recycled PET (plastic polyethylene bottles) material. The supply company Mountainsmith is adding a fully recycled series of packs to its 2008 line.

Mountainsmith now has 8-day and lumbar packs available for purchase. By Spring 2008, they will have several full size packs in their lineup. The packs are a stylish blend of ergonomic design and utilitarian storage space. The day packs are made on the outside with very durable 450-denier 100% recycled PET fabric (made from recycled water bottles). The lining inside the packs is lighter weight 150-denier PET fabric. Colors include bright blue, olive green, cobalt, black, red. The new fullsize backpacks will be up to 85% recycled PET. Mountainsmith says that for the year 2007 they have saved 1.1 million plastic water bottles from entering landfills. Critics ask if the recycle cycle will only be one time: from bottles to packs. 

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