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January 19, 2008 —

EcoFish is an eight year-old New Hampshire based seafood company offering fresh and canned fish to supermarkets across the country. All the seafood sold under the EcoFish label is responsibly caught or farmed under the highest standards of sustainability. Fresh caught fish must come only from fisheries that have sufficient populations to sustain themselves well into the future and cannot threaten other local fish populations that may be under stress. Farmed fish populations must be contained to the point that they do pose any threat to the local ecosystem and cannot be raised on using artificial chemicals or growth stimulants.

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  • Processed meat sold as 'natural' food. Union-buster.
  • Numerous ethical problems with largest maker of household products in U.S.
  • World's largest oil company--human rights, oil spills and misinformation about climate change
  • Weapons-maker. Multiple environmental offender.
  • Genetic Engineering and Monopolistic behavior = Monsanto