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Ethical Ocean

Ethical Ocean

March 19, 2011 —

Ethical Ocean is an online ethical marketplace aiming to increase the awareness and consumption of ethical products and services in North America. The site’s goal is to transform the market by connecting buyers and sellers through one easily-navigated website that amasses every type of ethical product imaginable.

Ethical Ocean is built on the fundamental premise that consumer purchasing decisions significantly impact our society and world as a whole. The site organizers believe that informed buyers can craft their buying patterns to have a net positive effect. In order for this to happen, we must be more aware of what we are buying and the impact our purchases have on other people, the environment, and ourselves.

Ethical Ocean was created to facilitate accessible and informed ethical buying options. Their open-source approach places great value on the free exchange of information within the marketplace. Sellers have the opportunity to showcase their ethical claims and buyers can browse products by product categories.

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