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Naturepedic offers crib mattresses and bedding made of natural or organic materials that provide babies with healthy, comfortable, and safe sleeping environments.

December 23, 2007 —

Naturepedic recognizes that crib safety is more than wood and bolts. Babies spend a tremendous amount of time sleeping and their sleep surroundings should be healthy, for both them and the environment. Naturepedic offers natural and organic products made in the U.S.A. that are devoid of harmful chemicals and will provide the support necessary for your baby to have a restful and healthy sleep.

Endorsed by physicians and non-profits, Naturpedic recently earned GREENGUARD certification. The company maintains control over the quality and safety of its products and offers a five-dimensional guarantee:

Natural and organic

Firm support

Hypoallergenic materials

Non-Toxic Waterproofing

Fire Safety

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