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Virgin Mobile Pioneers a Different Kind of Network

Virgin Mobile Pioneers a Different Kind of Network

You hear an an interview on the radio with a representative from a Sudanese relief organization and feel compelled to "do something." At the end of the interview the representative gives out a number you can text if you want to give a couple of dollars to the charity. How much more likely are you to help out if you don't have to write down a website or pull out a credit card later that night? Virgin Mobile thinks the answer, especially for young people, is a lot.

October 10, 2007

Cell Phone Recycling

Cell Phone Recycling

More than 200 million cell phones are in use in the U.S., and approximately 130 million phones will be retired each year. According to a study by the non-profit organization INFORM, Inc., a total of 500 million used cell phones weighing more than 250,000 tons were estimated to be awaiting disposal in 2005.  Cell phones contain hazardous substances, which can pollute the air when burned in incinerators and leach into soil and drinking water when buried in landfills.

October 8, 2007

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  • Weapons-maker. Multiple environmental offender.
  • Racial profiling and discrimination
  • Processed meat sold as 'natural' food. Union-buster.
  • World's largest oil company--human rights, oil spills and misinformation about climate change
  • Maker of violent anti-social video games