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The Power of Dance

The Power of Dance

In 2006, Sustainable Dance Club's first event drew 1500 people in Rotterdam.

October 13, 2007 —

Sustainable Dance Club (SDC) wants to bring us carbon-neutral nightlife.  In 2006, the Rotterdam-based group held a sold out kick-off event meant to raise money and awareness for their ambitious new project. It was among the first public displays of a new technology that recycles the energy that humans expend when they dance, using springs mounted underneath the dance floor. At the 2006 event, this energy was only used to power a large LED screen that served as the main source of lighting inside the club, but SDC hopes to improve upon the technology and combine it with others that capture body heat, recycle water, and reduce waste.

The nightclub scene is known by many for its vacuous personalities and cheap ploys. Is this just another one of those ploys? Perhaps, but it proves that even the most vacuous among us are paying attention to global climate change. It's cool to be sustainable, and as energy efficient solutions become more and more present in our lives, it goes a long way to ensuring that "green" isn't just another passing fad.

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