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"The government is not testing for toxic chemicals in toys, and too many manufacturers are not self-regulating... Ultimately consumers need to compel the federal government and toy manufacturers to eliminate dangerous chemicals from toys."
-Tracey Easthope, director of the Ecology Center's Environmental Health Project

December 5, 2007 —

This holiday season, toy safety has been in the headlines more than any year in recent memory. The steady stream of toxic toys that has hit the news in the past six months leaves parents with plenty of reason to be concerned about whether the toys their children will be receiving this year are coated in lead paint, or contain other dangerous chemicals.

With that in mind, the Ecology Center has released a new website that gives parents the ability to find out which toys are and aren't safe, and receive email alerts whenever serious questions are raised about new or existing toy. is also a resource for consumer activism, providing updates on legislation and other issues relating to toy safety. These are hot issues since some of America's biggest toy brands are coming under major fire for design flaws and a  failure to effectively monitor the manufacturing process.

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