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For the Holiday Season: A Warning to Avoid these Toys

For the Holiday Season: A Warning to Avoid these Toys

The consumer advocate group WATCH just issued its annual 'Worst Toys' list. Of the ten toys making the list, one has been recalled. The other nine remain available in stores.

November 15, 2007 —

World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), a consumer group out of Boston, just issued its 10 Worst Toys of 2007 list.  Only one of the toys on the list has been recalled and among the concerns with the toys making the list were lead paint, small parts that may causes choking, and sharp edges that may harm children.  According to WATCH, “The alarming number of recent toy recalls is evidence of an industry that has put profits before child safety.”

WATCH does not test the toys and warns of the potential harm these toys can cause.  The organization has released a ‘worst’ list for over thirty years and the toy industry has criticized the list for not making clear that some toys are intended for older children.  Nonetheless, due to the number of recalls in 2007, from everything to lead paint to the possible ingestion of a ‘date rape’ drug, the list has garnered additional media attention.  WATCH explained that the growing number of recalls is due to tougher inspections and more scrutiny, but also stated it had a difficult time narrowing the list to only ten toys.

Leading the WATCH list is Fisher Price’s “Go Diego Go” animal rescue boat, which was recalled in October because of lead paint.  The others included Sticky Stones, Jack Sparrow’s Spinning Dagger, Dora the Explorer Lamp, Lil Giddy Up Horse, Spider Man 3 New Goblin Sword, Hip Hoppa, B’Loonies Party Pack, My Little Baby Born, and Rubber Band Shooter (which, yes, shoots rubber bands).

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