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New SimCity Release Encourages Eco-Planning

New SimCity Release Encourages Eco-Planning

“There’s always been pollution in SimCity but we broke it apart into carbon dioxide and smog. The smog you see in the game. The CO2 you can’t see but it has effects.”
- Rachel Bernstein, lead producer for SimCity Societies

November 18, 2007 —

One of the most popular video games of the 1990s was SimCity, a civilization simulator that allowed players to design and manage a virtual society in their own image. If a particular society fell out of balance in certain areas (crime, poverty, war, etc.) it would crumble and the game would be lost. If a player was able to maintain balance and respond to the ever-changing needs of the citizens, then he or she would win.

Now, the first new release of the game in four years, SimCity Societies, is featuring a new challenge for the Robert Moses wannabes of the world: climate change. One of the primary areas players must now focus on is how their cities can grow economically while curbing emissions. Cities that fail to provide adequate public transportation and encourage their citizens to walk or use bicycles, end up engulfed in smog. Cities that fail to keep industrial carbon dioxide levels in check are prone to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.

While some of us may spend time thinking about the best ways our society can go about stopping global warming, the subject remains somewhat foreign to all but a minority of ecologically minded, armchair urban planners. SimCity Societies hopes to engage more people in this type of thinking, allowing gamers to envision two futures: one in which alternative energy powers clean and safe cities, and another in which short term economic gains lead to an environmental apocalypse.

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