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Climate Change Industry Report Released

Climate Change Industry Report Released
Green energy is one of the many emerging industries for socially responsible investors concerned about climate change to explore.

November 5, 2007 —

In a bi-annual special report released earlier this month, and Ethical Corporation magazine collaborated to produce a survey of what some call "the climate change industry." For investors, the report provides up to date information on the leading green companies in sectors like energy, technology and construction.

At around 50 pages, the report reads more like a magazine than some of the more comprehensive investor reports. But if you're interested in engaging in socially responsible investing without relying completely on mutual funds, it's important to keep a finger on the pulse of entire industries rather than focusing on individual companies doing positive things. This report won't give you all the tools you need to pick the right stocks, but it does a good job of describing the challenges and opportunities facing green business right now and is a good primer for do-it-yourself investors exploring their green SRI options.

Here are a few other free online resources for socially responsible investing:

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