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Holiday Parties and Decor Sled into Eco Consciousness

Holiday Parties and Decor Sled into Eco Consciousness

December 3, 2007 —

Tis the season of office parties and celebratory gatherings of the family clan and friends. Whether it’s a mega-party event like a museum opening or a small get together with friends in a city apartment, parties this season are decked in eco-friendly green. The trend-setting party planners and designers of New York are taking parties into eco-consciousness with verve and gusto. A successful party used to be measured in the volume of waste it produced. Now, an uber-party earns applause with innovative use of recycled décor, natural foods and energy conservation. Party designer David Stark threw an event for a museum last month that shredded 6 months worth of the museum’s waste paper to create Milan-like paper sculptures and hangings. The recycled paper was sprayed with eco-friendly fire retardant and Stark used energy-efficient fans to dry the warehouse full of sprayed paper. All went into recycling bins afterward, so a double use. For another party, he brought in saplings for everybody to take home and plant, and if they didn’t the saplings were given to a forestry project.

Another party designer took 28,000 feet of post-consumer cardboard to cover a parking garage for the Guggenheim International Gala—and also made all of the furniture and carpets for the event from the recycled cardboard. The tables and carpets went to an AIDS charity after the event.

Holiday season décor can also be made from greener stuff. Simon Doonan, creative director of Barneys New York, used soda cans to create motifs for the stores windows, including a 12 days of Christmas theme. If you’re looking for a green party or décor this year, check out your online sources for eco-friendly party planners or sites giving advice for green party planning—from invitations to food to music. Take a look at green wedding planning as well.

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