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A Shining Light for the Ethical (and Confused) Omnivore

A Shining Light for the Ethical (and Confused) Omnivore

It takes more than paying a higher price to ensure that your eggs came from birds like these.

October 25, 2007 —

For years animal rights activists have pointed out how misleading terms like "free range" and "cage free" can be. Paying more for poultry and eggs doesn't necessarily mean you're getting a more humane product—just that the producer has found a better marketing strategy. But as with "fair trade," a private certifier is now stepping in where industry and government regulators have failed, to provide a detailed and substantive standard for ethical omnivores to rely on.

Humane Farm Animal Care's "Certified Humane" label is a voluntary, user-fee funded, inspection and certification regime. Its website offers helpful and handy information for those of us who don't know the difference between beak removal and beak trimming, or the importance of dust bathing to hens. As an information source or as a label to look for, "Certified Humane" is one of the best resources available in the rapidly expanding and endlessly confusing market niche that is ethical eating.

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