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Frito-Lay Arizona Chip Factory to be Exemplar of Green Snack Food

Frito-Lay Arizona Chip Factory to be Exemplar of Green Snack Food

Frito-Lay announces energy-efficient makeover to its Arizona chip plant.

November 21, 2007 —

The potato chip and taco chip shelves of our conventional supermarkets are now awash with organic or more naturally whatever chips. The chip wars are as competitive as ever and the battles for our taste buds are getting greener. Now the chip mega-giant Frito Lay is recrafting its Casa Grande, Arizona, factory into a state of the art green chip facility—taking 500,000 pounds a day of potatoes into a sustainable and energy efficient complex. The result: a chip with an ecological conscience.

The factory manufactures and packages Lays and Ruffles chips, a stepwise sequence that eats up gobs of energy and spurts out masses of starchy waste and water. The company’s plan is called Net Zero. It calls for a plant that is completely, or nearly, loose from the power grid’s umbilical cord. Energy for washing, slicing and cooking billions of chips will come from renewable fuels. The water will be recycled.

Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, is going for a double edged result: energy cost savings and a green reputation among consumers increasingly passionate about climate change responses and the companies that are either helping with the solution or worsening the problem. Already coming out in the advertising line up is the company’s Sun Chips, made with solar energy.

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