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Submitted by Zach on October 13, 2007 - 15:55.

A friend of mine recently bought vegan dress shoes online from these guys and was really happy with them. They also have a really good return policy for their online orders in case what you order doesn't fit. Their site doesn't mention whether their products are sweatshop free though, which makes me think they might not be. Personally I'd rather have leather shoes that were made by someone earning a living wage than vegan shoes, but I know it can be really tough for vegans to find shoes they can wear for formal occasions.

Can anyone verify the existance of reasonably priced, non-sweatshop, vegan shoes?

I too rather consider fair

Submitted by Anonymous on February 26, 2008 - 22:37.

I too rather consider fair trade over vegan-made, it seems hard to find both in any case.

Beyond Skin has fancy vegan shoes. According to their site, a family-run factory in east England. Of course I don't know who is employed at this factory, or what wages might look like. But it sounds like good business practice.

Terra Plana also has fancy shoes, not vegan, (chrome-free leathers). They are sibling to Worn Again shoes, however, they make the same claim Earth shoes does, which is they manufacture out of China and treat their workers ethically. Who knows.

Vegetarian Shoes and Bags

Submitted by Anonymous on March 10, 2008 - 13:09.

Vegetarian Shoes and Bags offers vegan dress and evening shoes. I have been told that while Vegetarian Shoes and Bags are unable to conduct factory inspections in person, the shoes that are shipped from China come from manufacturers that tell VSandB that they are created using fair labor practices. You can see their dress shoes online at

Good luck!

Georgette offers adorable

Submitted by Anonymous on March 21, 2008 - 08:57.

Georgette offers adorable vegan shoes. They specialize in dress and evening shoes for women, but they carry sandals, boots and ballerina's also. Their website states that they only work with European factories in Spain and Italy. I'm very excited about this website because I recently bought the Cecile peep-toe in beige and they are the best! They look sooo good and they are super comfy! I'm having my eye on the Bee Red also...
check out these gorgeous shoes on

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