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Non-Toxic Nail Salons

Non-Toxic Nail Salons

Non-toxic nail salons will likely increase in coming years as more consumers, employees, and employers resist health risks associated with toxic nail products.

November 13, 2007 —

Until recently, consumers had difficulty finding nail salons that did not use toxic cosmetics.  Consumers could ask for less toxic products, but the fumes and smells from products were irritating to consumers and dangerous to workers.  Thus, an alternative has emerged: the ‘green’ nail salon.

Ingredients in nail products included formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and toluene, all of which are toxic and potentially dangerous to people with extensive contact to them.  Cosmetic companies have started to take these chemicals out of many products, thus allowing nail salons to offer more non-toxic products. Nonetheless, salon workers have complained about headaches, dizziness, and other conditions they connect to toxins.  Some employers have responded by using more non-toxic products while others have improved ventilation.  The greater result is the green nail salon that avoids non-toxic products altogether.

The number of nail salons that offer non-toxic products is increasing.  Consumers can now find green salons in New York, San Francisco, and Hollywood.  These green stores provide customers with non-toxic products and healthier environments for employees. 

Overall, the use of toxins in cosmetic products seems to be decreasing.  Green nail salons are a step to the future, where consumers can beautify themselves with little or no fear that their health is harmed.  To protect yourself, you can go to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep web site, which lists the chemicals in cosmetic products.  Ask your nail salon to use only non-toxic products, for both your sake and their employees.

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