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Have a Hankering to Burn Wood in the Fireplace? Toss in a Coffee Log

Have a Hankering to Burn Wood in the Fireplace? Toss in a Coffee Log

November 27, 2007 —

While sipping some nice coffee in the morning chill, you might also throw on a couple of logs made from coffee grounds. Perfect. Reduced pollution and recycling rolled into logs. Java-Log has the answer with its Coffee Firelog. Many colder-weather locales have wisely enacted air pollution controls through the winter months. In the cooler weather and diminished sunshine, particulate matter becomes the pollutant poison of choice—and fireplaces and wood burning stoves are the culprits, along with our car exhaust. In the Bay Area of northern California, the air pollution watch is called Spare the Air.

Spare the Air recommends not burning wood in fireplaces or stoves during critical days, but they do advocate burning eco-friendly log replacements if you must light those fires. Java-Log comes in at the top of the Santa wish list. Its pollution factor is five times less than wood and its creosote factor is eight times less than that of wood. The Coffee Firelog burns brighter than wood, crackles like our favorite real wood, and wafts off a pleasant natural smell (no, not like burning coffee grounds). The java-based logs recycle 10 million kilograms of coffee grounds a year destined for landfills. Now we can have our coffee and fire it up in our fireplace too.

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