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A Safe and Effective Lawn Care Solution

A Safe and Effective Lawn Care Solution

In gardening and lawn care, almost anything that can be done with chemicals can be done organically; it just takes research and attention to detail.

November 1, 2007 —

Iowa State University researcher Nick Christians was trying to use leftover cornmeal to grow a pathogen found on golf course turf, but what he discovered has been one of the major revelations in organic lawn care. When used correctly, corn gluten can be a safe and highly effective herbicide. Though it won't kill already existing weeds, corn gluten prevents blown-in seeds from germinating, and if you apply it just as the weather cools off in the fall it will continue to reap benefits through next summer.

As with any organic gardening solution, do the research first and make sure you buy a product you can trust. Dr. Nick Christians warns that many ineffective corn gluten substitutes have hit the market and provides a list of licensed companies on his website. Avoid the Scotts brand in favor of Down To Earth Distributors, Epsoma or other small organic gardening lines that aren't owned by major chemical companies.

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