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FedEx Adds Hybrid Delivery Trucks to its Fleet

FedEx Adds Hybrid Delivery Trucks to its Fleet

"FedEx is making smart strategic investments in projects that will help drive the commercial development of new technologies for industry."
- Robert W. Elliott,president, Fedex Europe, Middle East and Africa

October 31, 2007 —

FedEx has partnered with Iveco to add 10 hybrid-electric/diesel delivery vehicles to its European fleet. The new addition brings the total number of hybrid FedEx trucks to more than 100 worldwide, and hopefully marks a commitment significantly reducing FedEx's carbon output in the future.

FedEx has thus far operated a single fuel cell vehicle in Japan, biodiesel trucks in Washington DC, and used "vehicle utilization optimization efforts" to save gasoline. Most of these carbon reduction programs have been on a test basis only, which allows FedEx to get good publicity out of some positive but relatively minor accomplishments. The rising cost of fuel, as a key component of shipping costs, is pushing FedEx and other delivery companies to seek more fuel efficient alternatives.

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