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Staples Builds Green Store

Staples Builds Green Store

“Sustainable building design helps us conserve natural resources, reduce waste and create a healthier environment for our local communities. It’s also good, smart business."

October 23, 2007 —

The new Staples at 2121 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami will have a highly reflective roof, a rainwater collection system, waterless urinals, and be constructed from recycled materials wherever possible. It's just one store, but it's the first retail building in Miami to achieve LEED certification, and Staples seems to be taking the first steps toward cultivating a green corporate image.

In July, Staples released its "Soul Report" which outlined its corporate responsibility efforts in 2006. Among the environmental measures it listed were a doubling of renewable energy purchases to 20 percent, offering more new products with recycled content, and starting its own ink and toner cartridge recycling program. This year, Staples started a computer recycling program in many of its stores.

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