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Virgin Airlines To Test Biofueled Aircraft

Virgin Airlines To Test Biofueled Aircraft

"With oil prices above $70 a barrel, people want to save on the cost of fuel, and so alternative fuels suddenly make business sense."
--- Virgin President Richard Branson

October 15, 2007 —

Virgin Airlines president Richard Branson said that his company hopes to put a  biofuel-burning 747 in the air in early 2008. The company has been working with Boeing and GE Aviation in the hope that it can become the first ever biofueled commercial airline.

Branson has already pledged all of the profits from his stake in the company to fighting global warming, enabling the creation of Virgin Fuels, a billion-dollar venture aimed at creating cleaner burning, non-ethanol-based fuels for cars, trains and jets.  In an interview last year, Branson said:

I used to be skeptical of global warming, but now I'm absolutely convinced that the world is spiraling out of control. CO2 is like a bushfire that gets bigger and bigger every year.

All of us who are in a position to do something about it must do something about it. Because Virgin is involved with planes and trains, we have even more responsibility. So we've put aside quite a lot of money to invest in alternative fuels.


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