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Enterprise, Alamo, National Offer Carbon-Offsetting on Car Rentals

Enterprise, Alamo, National Offer Carbon-Offsetting on Car Rentals

December 17, 2007 —

If renting cars is a routine venture for you or an occasional vacation adventure, take a look at Enterprise Rent-a-Car for some more climate change oriented renting. The rental car company recently signed with carbon-emission-offsetting TerraPass to give car renters the option (extra $1.25) to offset their rental car carbon exhausts with greenhouse gas-reducing project—such as wind or solar energy farms. Enterprise, in a new move for large companies, is also going to match renter’s offsets dollar for dollar next year (up to $1 million). As the new owners of Alamo and National car rentals, Enterprise is giving the same offer in those rental companies.

Enterprise is scheduling the carbon-equalizing program to start January 1 2008 and says its partnership with TerraPass will make neutral the carbon output of monsters like the Lincoln Escalade, weighing in at 5,000 pounds and getting 14 mpg. Enterprise has a fleet of one million cars—making it the world’s largest fleet—with annual revenues of $12 billion.

Enterprise executives, though seeing current success, worried that American travelers would become more and more conscious of auto-contributed global warming. Enterprise could go out of business in the decades to come—demand would shrink dramatically. Beside the carbon offsetting program Enterprise is planting 1 million trees, has added 41,000 flex fuel (run on ethanol or gas) cars and 3,000 hybrids to their fleet. The offset option at Enterprise, National and Alamo are separate purchase add-ons, not included in the price.

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