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The airline business is all about service. And to provide good service, the companies need to create a positive environment for their employees. How do the air carriers stack up? As more and more customers complain about delays, cramped seating, surly flight attendants, lost luggage, and all the travails that go along with air travel, are there really any good airlines out there?


The choice of vehicle is the most important environmental decision an American consumer makes. It's becoming an increasingly important factor for global energy security as well. Are we funding repressive regimes at the gas pumps? Do hybrids provide a solution? Which carmaker is best for the American worker? What about insurance companies? Do some companies raise rates of drivers that live in certain neighborhoods, work certain jobs, or are even a certain racial or ethnic group? Even the choice of motorist assistance is more complicated than most people realize.


You can get a good night sleep knowing that your hotel is energy-efficient, gentle on the environment, and good to its employees. In particular, you can try and find a Green Hotel, which have become more popular in recent years. These hotels do more than ask guests to reuse their towels or bed sheets. Many have produced remarkable and innovative techniques to cut down on energy and water use. Beware of those hotels or resorts that claim to be part of the growing wave of ‘ethical tourism.’ Curbing the excesses of the tourism industry is not easy.

The Sustainable Bike: Bamboo as the New Metal

The Sustainable Bike: Bamboo as the New Metal

With recreational and commute biking sprinting faster into public popularity, the option of a bamboo bike is future-retro appealing and very eco-friendly. They are available from a number of vendors at conventional prices. The first bamboo bikes were built back in the 1890’s.

December 30, 2007

DHL and United States Postal Service Get Highest Marks in Green Shipping Scorecard

DHL and United States Postal Service Get Highest Marks in Green Shipping Scorecard

Shipping packages for business, friends and family leaves an enormous carbon footprint. One little package en route from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh, California is part of a great cloud of greenhouse gases in its wake. Choosing a package shipper on the criteria of best-yet green practice just got much easier. Stoneyfield Farm and Climate Counts, a nonprofit that rates companies on greenhouse output, just concluded their rankings for least polluting shippers. At the top was DHL and the United States Postal Service.

December 21, 2007

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